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Kraken Studios

Regular price $150.00've gone too low! Deep within the bowels of this dungeon something evil is happening, the walls are transformed into pieces of flesh and metal, and unspeakable dangers lurk for our adventurers.

WELCOME TO HELL is the most bizarre version of our dungeons. Hell breaks through the ancient architectural structures and the spaces are transformed into real nightmares. This set will not be suitable for delicate stomachs or for adventurers who are not willing to face the true evil that lives in it. 
They can also be combined with any of the other sets.

Consists of 31 HALLS (Corridors), 17 ROOMS, and 8 DOORS.


Digital Models designed by Kraken 3D Studios and sold under FANTASY DUNGEONS FULL COMMERCIAL LICENSE Nº 0036 to resell printed products


Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery



Items are supplied unfinished, fresh off the printer bed. Any doors, moving parts, detached pieces, etc.  will come loose for you to paint and glue in when you're ready. All products are unpainted.

3D printing is accomplished by melting thin strings of plastic or UV curing a resin liquid. Printing is done one layer at a time and may result in very small visible layer lines on the products.

You may choose to add further finishing to your product that is not included as part of the printed product sold here. Sanding, priming, and painting are great ways to make your printed product look its best and to cleanup some of the minor imperfections that are unavoidable with 3D printing technology. Materials to this are widely available in other locations.

All of our terrains are printed using 0.15 layer height resolution to capture the most details of the model.

Small imperfections and print lines are common in 3D printing, we do our best to provide you with an accurate and detailed product that matches the expectations of what is shown in images showing printed products. If you are unsatisfied with your product, please contact us to work it out.